Save the Dates! Bahamas Conservation Symposium: EXUMA 2015


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What do you think? Take our snorkeling mooring buoy survey!


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Snorkeling moorings featured in Southern Boating magazine!

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You are invited: Bahamas National Trust Community Meeting

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Snorkeling moorings program update

We’ve made great progress this summer installing moorings and signs at locations around Elizabeth Harbour! Thanks to generous donations of time and materials, we now have signs up at Chat N’ Chill and Minns Water Sports and there are more to come! A huge effort has been made to get the moorings installed at the most popular snorkeling locations in the eastern end of the harbour off Higgins Landing, between Guana Cay and Elizabeth Island, Fowl Cay, at the two channel markers, and at “the Squeeze” blue hole off Crab Cay. And we will add before the end of the year at Mystery Cave and other locations! The moorings will make it easy and safe for folks to tie up at their favorite snorkeling spots, while also protecting the reefs and seagrass beds that make the harbour so special. We’re in the process of developing a brochure that will provide information about the moorings locations and how to take care of the harbour, so stay tuned. We welcome comments and suggestions, so please send us an email if you have one to: For more information about the project, check out this previous post. Thanks to everyone who has made this effort possible so far!



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New EHCP t-shirts!

We just received these beautiful new t-shirts featuring the green sea turtle we all love to see in the harbour! The design also shows the numerous other creatures that depend on healthy sea grass habitat like crabs, shrimp, conch, and grouper. The shirts will be available for purchase for $20 at Minns Water Sports. All proceeds will go to helping our organization act to conserve the marine environment of Elizabeth Harbour.

Thank you to those that donated their time and services: Basil Minns, Victory Records, Reggie Air Express, Doe Boi Enterprises


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Bahamas Underground: The EHCP hosts cave diver Brian Kakuk in Exuma

The EHCP was very pleased to host Mr. Brian Kakuk, world renowned cave diver, researcher, and photographer, for our 2nd annual fundraising event. Brian has explored and mapped many of the now famous blue holes of The Bahamas, and had much to share on the biology, ecology, geology, and archeology of these beautiful, but often overlooked ecosystems.

Tuesday, Brian led an up close and fascinating tour of a few of the blue holes of Elizabeth Harbour with Dive Exuma. The group visited Angelfish Blue Hole and Mystery Cave on Stocking Island as well as a little known cave near Crab Cay.

On Tuesday evening, Brian stunned the audience with his photos of crystals, enormous underwater caverns, fossilized remains of animals that existed in The Bahamas thousands of years ago, and the oldest dated remains of a Lucayan Indian. There are very few people in the world who get to see the wonders found beneath and within the limestone rock of The Bahamas, so it was great opportunity to experience it through the eyes of someone who is as passionate and skilled about exploring, documenting, and protecting blue holes as Brian is.

A highlight of the evening was his gift of a speleothem taken from one of the blue holes of Great Exuma, which he first explored with the local knowledge of Mr. Basil Minns, a founder and director of the EHCP. Mr. Minns was happy to add to the evening a bit of story-telling about a mermaid that guards a treasure in “Mystery Cave”. A crowd enjoyed the celebration with a Bar B Que and dancing afterward at the Peace and Plenty Inn in George Town.

We owe many thanks to those that supported the EHCP event this year including Brian Kakuk, the Peace and Plenty Inn, the Exuma Foundation, Dive Exuma, Audley Dames and the Sweet Love Band, St. Andrews Anglican Church and the folks that joined us on the blue hole tour.

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