Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership is to guide the ecologically sustainable development of the coastal zone and waters of Elizabeth Harbour with the aim of enhancing tourism, fisheries, and recreational use, through stakeholder education and participation, and collaborative management of harbour facilities, for the benefit of present and future generations.


  1. To provide a platform for stakeholder representation, participation, and conflict resolution in the management of Elizabeth Harbour.
  2. To oversee the operation and sustainable financing of Elizabeth Harbour management facilities and activities.
  3. To work collaboratively with government to:
    • Ensure safe use of the waters of Elizabeth Harbour.
    • Conduct education, outreach, and communications programs that raise public awareness about environmental issues and foster stewardship of the marine and coastal environment of Elizabeth Harbour.
    • Promote Elizabeth Harbour as a world-class eco-tourism destination and ideal location for water recreation events.
    • Protect the natural resources of Elizabeth Harbour by assisting in compliance and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations pertaining to Elizabeth Harbour.
    • Conduct ecological and environmental health monitoring programs and facilitate research in Elizabeth Harbour.
    • Maintain the cleanliness of the coastal and marine environment of Elizabeth Harbour.
    • Manage the Elizabeth Harbour Management wastewater treatment facility.
  4. To guide the sustainable development of Elizabeth Harbour coastal areas through the integrated coastal zone planning and adaptive management strategies.
  5. To work in collaboration with other NGOs and scientists when necessary to develop and facilitate Elizabeth Harbour natural resource conservation efforts.