Hiring: Communications Consultant

Posted March 27 2023

Terms of Reference

Communications Consultant

About Elizabeth Harbor Conservation Partnership

The mission of the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership (EHCP) is to guide the ecologically sustainable development of the coastal zone and waters of Elizabeth Harbour, Exuma with the aim of enhancing tourism, fisheries, and recreational use, through stakeholder education and participation, and collaborative management of harbour facilities, for the benefit of present and future generations. Our presence on the internet  can be found here: www.elizabethharbourpartnership.org and www.facebook.com/elizabethharbourpartnership

Project Context

Elizabeth Harbour is one of the most important natural resources in the south central Bahamas due to its critical role in the marine ecology, its value to the tourism industry and its traditional use by local residents. The harbour is arguably the yachting capital of the Bahamas and is visited by thousands of yachts each year. Currently, there is no harbour control or management which has led to negative impacts which threaten this critical natural resource. 

The EHCP is launching several initiatives to address the main negative impacts and help ensure the harbor’s benefits to marine life and people. Consultations have already been conducted for a harbour management plan and stakeholder mapping is available. The Stakeholder Communications Project will support the role out of the drafted harbour management plan and the associated initiatives. Main stakeholders include a variety of local and visiting harbour resource users and organizations impacted by tourism. 

Project description

  • Build on the existing EHCP logo and communication materials to create the visual identity and voice of the organization. These will be used throughout the updated website, social media presence and printed materials;
  • Review and provide recommendations on our recently developed communication goals. We have identified goals for four initiatives and the overall harbour management initiative;
  • Review existing stakeholder mapping and stakeholder survey data and collaborate with our team to develop our key messages for each initiative and the related stakeholders;
  • Develop a communications tactical plan and calendar to support the goals, utilizing the most appropriate communication methods for reaching our target stakeholders;
  • Develop an updated website utilizing WordPress or another user configurable platform;
  • Update the existing, printable general brochure with updated messaging and graphic design;
  • Create four printable, one-page communication pieces for the four initiatives;
  • Implement a monthly social media package (9 month duration) in support of the communication plan;
  • Train/mentor two staff persons on basic elements of social media content creation and management

Project deliverables

  1. Basic EHCP identify package 
  2. Updated, measurable communication goals
  3. Key messaging to target stakeholders for five initiatives
  4. Tactical communications plan & timeline
  5. User configurable website
  6. Updated, printable general brochure 
  7. Issue specific, printable, one-pagers for four initiatives
  8. Social media package (9 month duration)
  9. Training on social media for two staff

Project timing

  • Project Start: May 2023
  • Completion of deliverables 1-3 by end of June 2023
  • Completion of deliverables 4-7 by end of July 2023
  • Begin deliverable 8 by August 2023
  • Deliverable 9 approximately August to September 2023

Expected qualifications of potential service providers

  • A Bahamas based marketing/communications agency or freelance consultant
  • Experience working with public sector or non-profit/non-government/community organizations with social or environmental missions
  • Strong technical expertise to carry out each deliverable
  • Ability to collaborate with a diverse group of professionals that constitute the EHCP and their consultants
  • Capacity to deliver a social media package for at least 9 months after the rest of the deliverables are completed
  • Examples of previous projects for review, similar to ours and including social media elements
  • Client references

To apply

Submit proposals to the following address: elizabethharbourpartnership@gmail.com 

Proposals should include:

  • A cover letter that addresses your interests in the proposal and the information requested under the qualifications section above
  • An estimated time and cost for providing the services described