This Blog

The blog is maintained by the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership, a Bahamian non-profit company, to provide information on their current activities in Elizabeth Harbour. The blog was initially created by the Elizabeth Harbour Management Steering Committee during the Exuma IWCAM Project with the support of The Exuma Ministry of Tourism Office. We know that by keeping the public better informed, everyone will benefit. Thank you for your interest and support!

The Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership

The Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership (EHCP) was conceived during the Exuma IWCAM Project by a the Elizabeth Harbour Management Steering Committee composed of relevant national and local government agencies and local stakeholders as a strategy for managing tourism and natural resources in Elizabeth Harbour. As a non-profit company, the will work with Government and other community associations, to pursue projects that will help make Elizabeth Harbour a safer and more eco-friendly destination. The advantages of a public-private partnership were apparent during the implementation of the Exuma IWCAM Project objectives including the operation of pumpout services, environmental monitoring, the management of moorings, and the operation of a wastewater treatment facility to handle boat waste.

Current government agencies represented in the Partnership and contributions:

  • The Exuma District Local Government
  • Local Port Authority
  • The Port Department
  • The Department of Environmental Health Health Services
  • The Ministry of Tourism
  • The Water and Sewerage Corporation
  • Department of Marine Resources

Current private entities represented in the Partnership include:

  • Harbour Solutions (pumpout services)
  • Dive Exuma and Turtle Divers (mooring inspection)
  • Elvis Water Taxi

Please check back frequently for updates on the EHCP and their efforts in Elizabeth Harbour!