Logo and essay competition winners enjoy their prize!


Design concept by Micholette Sweeting

“We, as proud Exumians, should be eager to contribute in preserving Elizabeth Harbour. The harbour’s natural beauty is enough to make anyone like me, proud of Exuma and what it has to offer. Conserving the environment also enhances the many ecosystems whether on land or under water.” – J’Cey Taylor

The EHCP now has an official logo thanks to Micholette Sweeting of Forecast Christian Academy! Ms. Sweeting’s design concept was chosen by the EHCP Board of Directors as the first official logo for the organization. She was joined as a first place recipient by J’Cey Taylor of St. Andrews Anglican School for writing an outstanding essay about the importance of taking care of Elizabeth Harbour. Ms. Sweeting and Ms. Taylor were each given a set of snorkeling equipment and awarded a complimentary tour of the Elizabeth Harbour by Off Island Adventures. Taleah Martin and Stephon Miller were the runners-up for the logo competition, and Jon Marie Gorte and Dante Simmons were runners-up for the essay competition. All runners-up attend St. Andrews Anglican School and were also awarded a tour of the harbour. Congratulations students! Thank you for your support of the EHCP and our goal of conserving Elizabeth Harbour for your generation and future generations!

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