New Department of Marine Resources website, changes to lobster regulations

The Department of Marine Resources has established a new website,, which provides information relating to the work of the DMR, including the Fisheries Act and other pertinent pieces of legislation such as the Fisheries Regulations. Yachting visitors should note that it is now illegal to store lobsters in freezers, and that the per vessel limit is enforced both in The Bahamas and in the US under the Lacey Act.

“Be aware that visitors to The Bahamas need to have a Sportfishing Permit if they are fishing from a vessel not Bahamian owned. Bag limits and other rules can be found in FAQ and our Regulations summary sections but they can change as our information grows and changes. To ensure you have the most current Sportfishing Regulations (Part X of the Subsidiary Legislation), please contact THE DEPARTMENT OF MARINE RESOURCES DIRECTLY.  We can be reached by phone 1(242) 393-1777, by fax 1(242) 292-0238, or by email. Visitors and Citizens can find helpful information on fishing in the FAQ section.” (DMR website)

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